Hailey Basner

Respiratory Therapy starts next project

Junior Respiratory students completed their second project of the year by creating a brochure with research about the eight different systems of the human body. Students were given three days to create the brochure as well as research, one day to practice present, and then presented their final brochures on Sept. 17.

Journalism readies for San Francisco

Journalism Adviser Mr. Matthew LaPorte and his journalism students will be participating in specific workshops to help improve their skills in specific areas, such as yearbook and news stories, while in San Francisco.

Making the ‘Gardenscape’ of your dreams

Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover HD gives players the opportunity to complete I-Spy puzzles and gather coins to buy furniture and decor for a dilapidated mansion. The main objective of the game is to get the mansions hall decorated before the house guests arrive for a party.

Temple Run II: A new twist

Playing Temple Run 2 is a great way to pass the time and with the all new features such as cliffs, zip-lines and mines is always an opportunity to have fun.
Hailey Basner

Hailey Basner

I am a junior by the name of Hailey Basner in the Respiratory Therapy program. I mainly focus on editing photos for yearbook and writing news stories for the Southwest Shadow, but I love to do any task in Journalism. This is one of my favorite classes ever since last year because I love the people and the type of assignment this class requires. I would not change anything in Journalism for anything.