Sahar Kanfi

‘5by’ a few wires short

The 5by app is supposed to be your shortcut to the videos you want to see. Unfortunately, the only shortcut I found was in its wiring, as this app does not work. ...

‘MKTO’ is a blessing in disguise

Going against the mainstream heart-break and romance songs, MKTO talks about real-life issues and serious topics while managing to maintain a light and catchy beat that will draw unsuspecting listeners in. ...

‘One’ beautiful experience

The talented cast of Cirque du Soleil manages to bring Michael Jackson's music to life in this enigmatic and soulful show, using the power of music, dance, and technology. ...
Sahar Kanfi

Sahar Kanfi

My name is Sahar Kanfi and this is my thirdyear in Journalism! I am the A&E Editor and I honestly love my job. I'm originally from Haifa, Israel and I moved here at the age of five. I'm in the dental program and I'm happy to say that writing stories comes easily to me!