The popular phrase, “April showers bring May flowers,” highlights what one can look forward to after facing difficult times. What are you looking forward to during this time of year?


  • Entries must be school appropriate.
  • Comment on this post with a sentence or two describing what you are looking forward to right now.
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  • The winner will be chosen randomly by the staff of the Southwest Shadow. Entries will close on May 1 at 1 a.m.

Prize: Starbucks gift card

  • Srisushanth Vadlamudi

    At this point, I am waiting for school to be over so I can start volunteering more and get a job.

  • Ayame Faria

    This spring break I am looking forward to taking a road trip to visit my mother in California. In California, I’m going to enjoy knitting, drawing, and overall relaxing for a week.