On Wednesday, Oct. 27, Student Council members surprised Principal Donna Levy with a flash mob to celebrate National Principals Month.

“She is a great principal and is always supportive of StuCo. It was a fun and special way to thank our amazing principal,” StuCo adviser Mrs. Miriya Julian said.

The students choreographed a dance to Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” while StuCo class presidents gifted Levy with flowers.

“We all know Mrs. Levy loves flash mobs, so we chose to do a dance that we learned on our StuCo Summer Retreat,” StuCo member Alyssa Colligas said.

The flash mob lasted five minutes; the dance and Levy’s reaction can be watched in the videos below.

“All of the Student Council kids briefly [learned] this dance, but we had to perfect it ahead of time. Some of us still struggled but we definitely all tried our best,” StuCo member Victoria Truong said.


StuCo should host more flash mobs.
I love the appreciation they showed to Levy.