“Mathway” is a user-friendly app for students to learn and check math problems–whether they are enrolled in basic math classes or statistics. The app is able to teach students by giving them step by step instructions on how to solve math equations ranging in difficulty. Giving students the correct answers so they can check all of their math problems, this app is great for those who often make mistakes on their math homework.

Once I downloaded the application it gave me a quick walkthrough on how to use its tools, which I found helpful because at first I thought it only gave answers to simple math equations with no explanation. After the walkthrough I was able to enter the kind of math I needed assistance with. Some of the available options are graphs, functions, slopes and trigonometry just to name a few.

I selected algebra and a small box appeared at the bottom of my screen where I entered the formula of a practice problem. The user also has the option to take a photo of the equation, but this feature was not reliable because it would not pick up on the negative signs and commas in other equations I had entered.

After I entered the formula it gave me the option on whether I wanted it to solve for x, to determine if it was linear or not. I personally wanted the solution  given on its own without a graph and it gave me the correct solution of x.

 As soon as it gave me the solution, it also gave me the steps to solve the problem. The steps were simple, such as moving around the equation and isolating the x variable. This ensured that I understood the problem, which was nice and it would be especially helpful for those who don’t completely understand the concept.

This app was easy to use and gave me the correct steps in order to solve the equations. When I entered another equation I wanted a graph and it showed me the different points to make a linear function. The only downside is at times the camera does not pick up the correct equation–so the user must double check the equation that was entered.

After using this app to check my math work, I have come to appreciate all the features it has to offer since I am one that makes mistakes often. I recommend this app for all students who need help or for those who want to double-check their work.

Do you think students should use this app for help with math?