Las Vegas, NV 89119
Open Mon-Sun 11:00 a.m.-9 p.m.
Closed Fridays

Though there are many restaurants in Las Vegas that serve boba, Itea Boba & Dessert has an original twist to it. The establishment does not stop at drinks containing sweet tapioca pearls; they have a variety of drinks and desserts along with fun décor to suit the variety of customers that walk through the door.

I visited the establishment on a Wednesday afternoon when there were quite a few customers in the tea shop, but found that the staff worked quickly–leaving customers satisfied and with a short wait time. The shop is small and the employees’ workshop takes up most of the room, but the fun atmosphere made up for its size. The shop encourages photos to be taken and even has a “selfie corner” which contains props for photos.

Upon entering the restaurant I noticed there was not much room to sit due to throw pillows scattered on the benches, and each table only seated two people comfortably. The menu options offered were a bit overwhelming, but the employees offered their assistance and suggested items that were popular.

We ordered a peach and coconut slush with boba ($3.75) off of the winter special menu, a honeydew slush with boba ($5.45), an original egglet waffle ($5.35) and honey toast with strawberries ($3.75).

Being so familiar with boba slushes, I was particularly critical of the ones we ordered. They were almost creamy and melted in my mouth–unlike some places that serve boba slushes, these were blended into a snow-like texture. The drinks flowed smoothly through the straw and contained no powder ingredients. The tapioca pearls were not too sweet or too bland and had the right amount of bouncy texture that all boba should have.
The original egglet waffle, my favorite, was the best item ordered by far–the texture was light and fluffy. This item is an egg waffle with vanilla ice cream topped with strawberries, fruity pebbles and strawberry Pocky. Once I tasted the warm dessert, it crumbled nicely and was immediately cooled off by the ice cream. At first, I was a bit put off because all of the toppings seemed overwhelming, but the cereal was a nice touch and had a subtle taste compared to the other ingredients.

The last item was honey toast made with condensed milk, which was also topped with vanilla ice cream and cut strawberries. I was not too impressed with this item since the toast was overly crunchy on the outside and too chewy in the center–being served with ice cream made enjoying the food difficult since there was a race against time so the bread wouldn’t get soggy.

As a result of my experience I would recommend others to venture out and try this restaurant rather than the traditional boba tea cafe. Don’t let the look of the plain building deceive you, Itea has great options for nearly everyone.

Would you try this new boba cafe?