All in one ‘CloudMagic Email’ Consolidate multiple e-mail addresses into a single, user-friendly app

From a small range of organization to the convenience of having all your e-mails in one place, CloudMagic does the job. Grade: B- Photo courtesy of CloudMagic Email

For busy students who struggle to manage e-mail accounts for school, work or personal use, CloudMagic Email is a convenient tool that brings all of these components together in one place. Though the app is lacking in terms of complex organization, it is still handy for viewing all of your e-mail information at once.

The first step to the app is adding your e-mail accounts; nearly all e-mail accounts across multiple platforms are compatible with CloudMagic (unfortunately not including specialized school e-mails). Once you add each of your e-mail addresses, they will show up on the sidebar where you can assign their colors for easy viewing and distinction. Next to each different account will be an arrow which, when clicked, will bring up the different sections of the inbox.

The sections include the overall inbox, starred, etc., but the options are actually very limited. Once in the inbox, tapping and holding on an e-mail allows you to choose from the options of moving the e-mail to a pre-made folder, deleting, archiving and marking the e-mail as read or unread. In addition, you can save e-mails to external applications such as Pocket.

While I enjoyed the convenience of having all of my e-mails in one place, this feature was also a hindrance. There are no options to further organize the e-mails outside of the preset folders, an aspect which would have taken this app to the next level in management. For example, there is no option that lets you delete all of the e-mails in an inbox at once; to do so, you would have to go through and tap on every single message.

In terms of organization and convenience, CloudMagic Email is a useful tool, but users should keep in mind that all e-mails for one account will be grouped together in the main inbox; an aspect that I find to be unfortunate. While this app is favorable for its accessibility, it lacks certain features that would make it the ultimate e-mail inbox.
The upsides to this app are its accessibility and notifications; for example, you can schedule follow up reminders for important e-mails. On the other hand, the limited mass editing of e-mails and the minimal organization between each individual inbox are definitely disadvantages. If CloudMagic Email had the level of organization of Gmail, this app would be incredibly hard to beat.