Become the Deceiving Master in ‘Bluff Plus’ Compete with other players to improve your misleading skills


Bluff Plus takes on “cheat” card games and adds in island-building mechanics.
Rating: A-
Photo Credit: Zynga

Kristin Bernasor

Card games have been around for centuries, and have recently been picked up by game developers to turn into apps. The newest one created by the company Zynga called “Bluff Plus” is based on a card game called Cheat (sometimes called Bluff or B.S), where the main objective is to get rid of one’s cards before the other players by lying about it. 

Bluff Plus’ isn’t the only game behind Zynga, as the company is also known for creating ‘FarmVille’ and “World with Friends”.  The general manager of the company, Buğra Koç, said he wanted to create a fun family-friendly game that’s easy to play, and decided to release the app right now because of the hard time the world was going through with Covid-19.

In each game, there are 32 cards in a deck. After selecting a card, the player also selects a card number. This is then followed by a decision of whether a ‘bluff’ should be made or not. An example is pretending to play a number “4” card, when really it’s a number “2”. However, it’s possible for the opponent to call out the player for lying, which will result in the player having to take all the cards.

After winning a game, various rewards can be won such as coins, which are used to decorate and fix islands. Random bonus rewards can also be won. An example would be shields, which help protect islands. Renovating is a feature that everyone would enjoy because of personal customization.

The one cute thing in this game was the different emoticons or phrases that say small phrases like “Good luck!” or “Well played!”. These phrases can be found at the bottom left corner of a game where there are three small dots. This shows how light-hearted the sessions and no matter who loses, there’s no bad blood between the players.

There aren’t too many downsides to “Bluff Plus,” but there were ads that popped up whenever players lose a game, and the decorations could be pretty expensive. The prices could range as high as 60,000 coins, so players have to be careful about how much is spent. The prices should definitely be lower so anyone can easily buy the decorations.

Bluff Plus’ is an easy game that anyone can get the hang of. It hooks players with its family-friendly matches and allows creativity when it comes to decorating and personalizing islands. Not to mention, it can be played during a person’s free time.