Best alternative to SAT study guide: ‘Prep4SAT’ App offers practice questions, flashcards and more

With the earliest date for the SAT coming up in a month, juniors and seniors are scrambling for SAT study guides, advice from older peers and lists of tips online. Combining the best qualities of all of these, and adding the convenience of being free and available at the touch of your fingertips, is the “Prep4SAT” app.

The app first asks you to make an account. Then, you will take a 10 question test which gives a rough estimation of what you might get on the SAT and what areas need improvement. I was a little bit skeptical that the app would give me an accurate reading, but the score which appeared was actually fairly close to my PSAT score.

After taking the assessment test, the app creates a personalized course for you which adjusts to your strengths and weaknesses. My course had a slight emphasis on math, but still comprehensively covered reading and writing. In addition, the app has summaries of each of the SAT’s different sections which is full of helpful information—such as a checklist of things to go through when answering certain questions.

As I explored the app, I was interested in seeing all the different options available for studying. One tab allows you to see how much of each SAT section you have completed. There is also an analytics tab which shows your estimated SAT score based on your performance in the app, and also how long you take to answer questions; I found out that I tend to take much longer to answer math questions.

One of the most impressive features of the app is the tab that allows you to take a full test that is similar to the actual SAT. The app allows a surprising amount of customization for the test; I was able to shorten the length of the test to fit the amount of time I had to practice that day, and also adjust the test’s focus to math. Lastly there is the newsfeed tab, which has the latest news regarding the SAT and the app—such as the fact that the app will be adding even more information at the end of February to align with the redesigned SAT.

In the sidebar of the app, you can access anything you’ve bookmarked, answer questions of the day, contact tutors, find a school which fits you and adjust your notifications. I set up the notifications to remind me every other day to study in the evening. The school matcher recommends colleges that correlate with your interests, and is an insightful tool for someone like me who is indecisive on what course to take after high school.

The app is created by a team from MIT and Harvard, which only adds to its credibility. Students should download the app as soon as possible, since it is only free for a limited time. Practice questions, SAT information, tutors, notifications—”Prep4SAT” is the perfect addition to your study arsenal.