Blow away in ‘Mineblast’ 2D side scrolling action

Mineblast is a newly released mobile platformer, with promising art design and concept. The game is centered around collecting rare minerals and escaping from caves using dynamite
Rating: D-
Photo Courtesy of Neutronized

I have always had a special place in my heart for side scrollers in gaming. So, when a new side scroller for IOS and Playstore, Mineblast, my curiosity peaked. I was particularly interested in this new platformer for mobile as they have become rare in recent years. After having seen Mineblast repeatedly recommended by the App Store, I finally decided to download it.

Mineblast is a 2D platformer that takes place in multiple fictional cave systems. The player’s goal throughout the game is to escape from whatever mine they are currently in and to also collect as many gems as possible. Every level incorporates some aspect of puzzle-solving that blocks the path to the exits.

This game has a gold mine of technical and gameplay problems that start in the tutorial. Almost every level I found a new glitch related to the graphics or movement of the characters. For example, it is possible to fail the tutorial level if you use all of your dynamite which isn’t very hard to do. The gameplay in general, is quite dull at times, with a severe lack of engaging enemies or puzzles.

Adding to the technical problems, the game controls are also poor. They feel sluggish and uncontrollable which leaks over into making the character’s movement feel the same way—giving the animations a robotic feel. I also personally didn’t like how the game separates the two action buttons very far apart; this made it difficult to comfortably hold my phone.

Mineblast did a poor job of keeping me entertained. I felt bored after the first few levels, mostly due to a lack of new content. The game had a theme of being repetitive and its core elements made me lose interest quickly. Its gameplay is essentially blowing up rocks, cutting rope and attempting to escape with little variety. 

Overall, Mineblast does not feel like a finished product. While the opening levels bring forth some interesting elements, there is a sharp decline in variety in mid-late levels. The game’s mechanisms are crude and feel low quality. If you are looking for high-quality mobile games, steer clear of Mineblast. 

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