‘Brew Tea Bar,’ sweet inside and out Restaurant is full of charm and subtlety

Located a few minutes drive from school is the small, yet impressive “Brew Tea Bar.” For lovers of traditional boba tea and also revamped drinks, the café surpasses all expectations.

My first visit to the establishment was anticipated by many friends who had already visited and highly recommended “Brew Tea Bar.” The café opened only a year ago, and quickly gained a dedicated following—for good reason.

The moment you step into the café, you will hear a chorus of greetings from upbeat, friendly workers. Already, the pleasant and relaxed environment put me at ease and revealed the key to “Brew Tea Bar’s” success: customer service.

After waiting in a short line and observing the lively patrons settled in at stylish, modest tables, my guest and I placed our orders. I decided to order a regular Thai tea with boba ($4), and my guest ordered a regular Caramel Milk Tea ($3.50). We then sat down at a table, shortly after receiving a stamp card which allows you to get a free regular drink after buying 10 drinks. 

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While the establishment is on the smaller scale, customers make themselves comfortable by socializing, studying or completing homework. It is also the perfect place to visit for a late night craving, as “Brew Tea Bar” is open until 10PM.

Around five minutes after placing our order, we got our drinks. When the employee working recognized that I was trying a new drink for the first time, he informed me that they will adjust the sweetness or remake the drink (for free!) if I wished to make any changes. I personally witnessed this when my guest wanted a drink without boba, but received it in her drink; her order was remade correctly within minutes, and she was refunded for the price of the boba.

Though Thai tea may seem odd with its orange color, it had just the right amount of sweetness, and the chewy, honey boba added a balanced contrast. My guest (even with the boba in her drink) loved the sweet caramel taste of her drink, and was pleased to find that the tea was not overpowering at all. Do not let the “tea” in “Brew Tea Bar” scare you; often, the tea is simply a supporting base for a sweeter, smoother beverage.

“Brew Tea Bar” makes drinks that are the perfect balance of your favorite sweet classics, and unique blends of subtle bitterness. From fruit slush blends to caramel crêpes, this tiny café serves up something delicious for everyone.