Catch them all in ‘Pokémon Masters’ New Gacha game available on mobile devices

’Pokémon Masters’ is a mobile Gacha game that allows users to battle each other in real-time. Players are able to utilize combat mechanics similar to that of those in Pokémon on the Nintendo DS.
Rating: A-
Photo Courtesy: Endagnet

When I was little, Pokémon was always something that people talked about and a large amount of them were collecting Pokémon cards. While I, myself, was never really interested in the game, ‘Pokémon Masters’ has grabbed my attention recently.

Pokémon Masters is a Gacha game which allows users to acquire cards through a pull or spin of a lever, and use them in game or as real-life currency to obtain new characters. Gacha games often hit a peak in the middle of the game, at which point to have any real fun, you have to invest real life currency. This really takes away from the experience for players.

Pokémon Masters takes place on the island of Paso on which the trainer builds a team to try and conquer the Masters League. Story mode, where most of the game is played, is where most of a user’s rewards are earned, including new trainers, Pokémon and gems—the game’s currency. In this mode, users can also participate inside stories involving Pokémon trainers, but the majority of the game centers around combat.

The combat mechanics are somewhat unique, but RPG-esque. I personally think this is a good fit for the game, as the RPG style has always fit the Pokemon aesthetic. In the game, each trainer (player) and Pokémon form a “sync pair” in a real-time three-versus-three battle. Using enough attacks will unlock an ability allowing for a powerful “sync move” which does large amounts of damage relative to normal attacks.

When enjoying free-to-play mobile games, micro-transactions are available to enhance or progress quickly in the game. For this game, I was about 65% through the story when I had gotten the more expensive option to acquire cards. The transactions are controlled enough so that you can still enjoy the game, but if higher tier cards were made available without paying as well, it would greatly benefit the overall experience..

Personally, I found the game to be interesting enough to pick up and play for longer than I needed. The mechanics were interesting enough and the combat itself was enjoyable. If you want a free and easy to pick up Pokémon experience, I suggest you check out this app.