As a senior, I am currently applying for colleges and researching available scholarships, which can become stressful and time consuming. Eventually, I heard from my friends that they found apps to help narrow their college search; I began to look on the App store and found ‘The College Fair’ by Kickwheel Co. It was given a five star rating from the App Store, but I wanted to see if it was “the next Amazon for education opportunities,” as Huffington Post claims.

I began by creating a profile similar to those needed for a college application, but much shorter. The questionnaire asks for the user’s ethnicity, school, graduation year, intended major, grade point average and SAT or ACT scores. There are also other optional questions and the chance to connect with your social media, but I ignored it for time’s sake.

I assumed my profile was complete, so I clicked over to the home page, which is like an explore tab with big name schools such as Harvard University and professions like Registered Nursing. I had a preconceived idea of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to study, so when a familiar school, Whitworth University, popped up, I clicked on it. The app, however, suggested I complete my profile first, which I found annoying because I didn’t care to enter my address or phone number right away.

After finalizing my profile, I looked on the WU page and clicked “major and salary information.” I was disappointed when I discovered that my dream school, WU, didn’t have a pre-dental major. But to make sure this wasn’t a mistake, I checked back on the school’s official site and there it was: Whitworth University Pre-Dentistry. This can be misleading for students if they don’t double check with a more credible source.

Before searching for a different school, I analyzed the overall organization of the individual pages and found it to be fairly easy to sift through with the cost breakdown, their contact information and more common information. Additionally, a ratio of male to female, admission chance, faculty ratio and graduation rate was available. Prior to the app, I would research these facts on my own but found it helpful to find it organized in one place.

As I browsed the career options, I found it difficult to locate the dental options; they were both second and third to last. This was extremely agonizing due to my previous answer to the questionnaire asking what I want to study: pre-dental. The schools listed under orthodontist were scarce and after exiting one school’s page, it redirected back to the top of the selection-annoying.

At this point, I remembered the official description mentioned help with finding scholarships, but after I searched for some, I was met with “Sorry, no results found.” First, I received misleading information. Then, the application failed to implement my details in finding schools tailored to me. And now, I couldn’t find information on what was said to be offered.

The only thing I found helpful was having the basic information organized on one page. I wasted my time creating a profile because the app failed to provide a personalized experience in my college search.I would opt out of using the app mainly because I did not receive any insight I didn’t already have. ‘The College Fair’ is no heiress to the throne when it comes to helping search for college.

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