‘Confidently Lost’ filled with clarity Surfacing artist Sabrina Claudio's first album

With soothing melodies and intriguing lyrics, ‘Confidently Lost’ fits perfectly into the R&B genre. The new album draws the conclusion that loneliness is not a mistake, but necessary for individual growth.
Rating: A
Photo courtesy of YouTube

Miami native Sabrina Claudio‘s first album “Confidently Lost,” incorporates elements sounding similar to Kehlani, such as the relaxing tempo and empowering words. With pressing themes of confidence, feminism and simplicity throughout, Claudio makes it clear that you shouldn’t be ashamed for being lost.

The album centers on Claudio’s emotions on love, life and healing while incorporating themes of feminist mystique. For example, “Runnin’ thru Lovers,” is upbeat until the end where it slows and releases into a moment of glory, when she realizes she is more than a relationship.

The passion built up in Claudio’s voice brings a raw element which made me want to hear more from the album. In the single “Confidently Lost,” she is almost whispering but is able to control her pitch perfectly while doing so. This set the tone for the utter happiness I imagined as she sang, “But I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

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The percussion is soothing in the background, with a hint of jazz. While the song “Orion’s Belt” has electro vibes, others such as “Runnin’ thru Lovers” focuses on the piano and percussion. The melodies are hypnotic with enlightening spirits.

Each song is unique in its composition. Although there are similarities within the album, I never felt as if I was listening to the same couple of songs on repeat. With six songs and one acoustic cover, there is a song for every mood: hype, sad, mellow, romantic. Claudio creates a scene as if you are traveling with the artist through her personal experiences. 

After listening to Claudio’s first career debut, I am looking forward to hearing more from the 20 year old. The point which came across to me was to express your individuality, even if you are lonely. As the songwriter says, she is “Constantly evolving / Steadily revolving.” The best form of growth is within yourself.

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