Conquer The Nine Realms In ‘God Of War’ Return of the Legendary Kratos


Jackson Bogan

Good memories flood my mind whenever I hear “God Of War,” when in reference to this old game series, with the titular first game coming out in 2005. While this newest title was released in 2018, it only recently came out slightly updated and improved on PC for PS Now and Steam. 

I didn’t get to play the original on PS4, so this was a brand new experience for me. I am happy to say I was not disappointed. “God Of War 2018” takes place years after “God Of War 3,” and follows Kratos in his new journey through mythological Norway/Sweden referred to by the Nords as Midgard.

Kratos sets off on his journey as he needs to make his way to the highest peak in all of the realms to scatter his now-deceased wife’s ashes. This journey is complicated by a series of run-ins with mythological Norse figures, as well as having to help his own young son along. 

The plot has a satisfying build-up, and each segment reveals twists and complications that are executed perfectly. The build-up to Kratos hiding and revealing his secrets over time, with the culmination of him literally unearthing his past all make for probably one of the best stories I have had the pleasure of playing through. 

The primary weapon used throughout the game is the Leviathan axe, which is meant to act as a counterpart to Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Leviathan is probably one of the most satisfying weapons I have ever used in video games: it feels like it has power and weight to it, and has the ability to instantly recall it to your hand after being thrown. It also has a simple, yet powerful, upgrade system that naturally progresses either through exploration or through the story.  

The graphics are what really make the PC edition stand out from its PS4 counterpart. While the original 2018 PS release looked beautiful, the graphics have been majorly improved, as well as customizable to specific PC specs. The additional settings as well for the visuals make the game look up to modern standards. 

Another feature unique to the PC is the ability to use mouse and keyboard controls, which from what many in the community have pointed out, leads to the ability for much faster, more engaging combat. This is particularly useful for speedrunners and those who try to min/max their gameplay. 

Krato’s son, named Atreus, is also another important tool in the game. He both helps push forward the plot and helps develop Kratos’ new character arc, but also because he aids in combat. This is because he is both kidnapped by enemies requiring help, but he also has his own path of upgrades and fighting abilities. 

Atreus is able to distract enemies by stabbing them, which is useful for higher difficulties in particular. He is also equipped with a bow and arrow to aid in stunning and distracting enemies from afar. These abilities are upgraded throughout the game and can make Atreus a strong fighting companion. 

The game’s soundtrack and audio design are superb. The new music takes a bit of the features and sounds from the old Greek-themed soundtrack, and combines it with an Old Norse folk song aesthetic, giving it a unique, and beautiful sound. 

When it comes to audio design, the sounds of enemies, voice acting, and ambiance are all perfected and some of the best I’ve seen. It all culminates in a realistic-sounding and feeling world, further adding to the game’s immersion. The voice acting especially is great, and while they replaced the voice actor for Kratos, he sounds about the same, but older and wiser. When I bought and installed “God of War,” I had high hopes and expectations. Not only were these matched, but they were also exceeded, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and depth of the game. With a beautiful semi-open world and engaging story, and having amazing engaging combat, “God of War 2018” is a fantastic game for anyone interested, whether previous players of God of War or players who have never even heard of the series.