‘CREAM’ of Las Vegas offers assortment of frozen desserts

1980 Festival Plaza D
Las Vegas, NV 89135

Monday to Thursday: 10 a.m.-1o p.m.

Friday to Saturday: 10 a.m.-12 a.m.

Sunday: 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

Situated near Red Rock Hotel and Casino and the rusted faces of Red Rock Canyon, Downtown Summerlin is Las Vegas’ newest shopping mall. Boasting parkways and boulevards of boutiques and restaurants, the venue upholds an upbeat and modern atmosphere that is home to “CREAM,” an attraction for those who seek the warmth of a cookie and the chill of an ice cream scoop—all in one bite.

Because the location is Las Vegas’ first and only, a line wrapped around its glass windows and further down the street even long after their grand opening. Fortunately, my guests and I only waited for about 15 minutes, which was enough time to sneak a peek at the menu and decide on our orders well before reaching the front of the line.

When going for an ice cream cookie sandwich (like at “Sweet Addiction“) the options at “CREAM” are nearly limitless. There were quite a number of ice cream flavors available—22 to be exact, such as Chocoholic, Cup of Joe, Royal Caramel Swirl and Peaches N’ Cream. There were also soy versions of Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla. The types of freshly baked cookies ranged from Peanut Butter and Lemon Heaven, to Red Velvet and Turtle. Several toppings were also available at 50 cents each.

However, the menu extends far beyond the traditional ice cream cookie sandwich. “CREAM” also sells ice cream scoops, shakes, malts, floats, brownies, lemon bars, sundaes and the infamous “The Cream Taco.” This monstrosity features three scoops of your desired ice cream flavor and two toppings for $4.99, but on “Taco Tuesdays,” the price is cut by a dollar.

My guests and I decided to stick to the works and go for three combinations (Pistachio Delight ice cream and Butter Sugar cookies, Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream and Red Velvet cookies and Vanilla ice cream and Snickerdoodle cookies) of ice cream cookie sandwiches ($3.99 each), and a lemon bar ($2.99).

CREAM of Las Vegas by Nikki Molina on Exposure
My guests and I first tasted the Lemon Bar, which was slightly chewy and tangy, but the familiar taste of lemon was very bright. As I dove into my ice cream sandwich of Pistachio Delight ice cream and Butter Sugar cookies, the ice cream immediately began to ooze out from between the cookies and made it a hassle to enjoy. The Pistachio Delight ice cream did not have much flavor at all, but strangely tasted more of lemon than pistachio. The Butter Sugar cookies, as with the other cookies of Red Velvet and Snickerdoodle, were more chunky than chewy, but still too sweet for my liking. Overall, the cookies overpowered the dessert as whole, and I would have liked the the flavor of the cookies to be diminished to better emphasize the diverse ice cream selections.

I will have to admit: I was a bit disappointed with my experience at “CREAM.” With the long lines, increased publicity and appealing shop presentation, I expected much more than oversaturated taste buds and a never ending need for a glass of water. Generally, the ice cream was slick and indulgent, whereas the cookies were warm to the touch, but a bit too dominant in taste.