‘Creamberry’ small shop with big flavors Serving more than your traditional scooped ice cream

`Creamberry`may not be as lively as the colorful signs but they definitely redeem themselves with their delicious desserts. With their only downside being the quiet atmosphere, it is worth trying because of their long lists of desserts.
Rating: B
Photo Credit: Adriana Cayetano

7965 S Rainbow Blvd, Ste 140

Las Vegas, NV 89139

1:00 p.m.- 10:30 pm Mon-Fri

12:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m.

Based on the outside appearance of the ice cream shop ‘Creamberry’, I had come to the conclusion that the environment would be lively just as the colorful sign had portrayed. As I set foot in the shop I noticed bright cartoon penguins plastered all over the baby blue walls and the brought a smile to my face as images of my childhood flooded back to me.

An inviting colorful sign to the small shop.

I noticed a gia full of ice cream flavors and immediately thought to compare the shop to Thrifty’s ice cream shop. Then, I noticed the unconventional flavors ranging from guava to thai tea ice cream. My eyes soon scanned the lengthy menu and saw that the establishment did much more with their ice cream than just serve it in a waffle cone.

Their menu consisted of much more than your typical ice cream shop that serves scoops of generic ice cream that could have been purchased at the market. Listed on the boards were; puff waffles, fruit smoothie bowls, snow fluff, specialty drinks and many more items.

A colorful menu and a gia full of unique ice cream flavors.

My eyes scanned the colorful yet cluttered menu and I chose to order the three most fun looking items on the menu. The first item ordered, was a snow fluff since I was able to customize it to my liking. For the fluff, you have the option to choose between four different types of snow, two toppings and a ‘drizzle’. I decided to order the taro fluff ($5.50)  with mochi and coconut flakes as my toppings and condensed milk as my “drizzle”.

I was expecting a snow cone like texture but this item was much smoother than expected. The texture was similar to fresh fallen snow and the drizzle had melted the delicate fluff making a combination with the perfect portion of each of the items in the fluff. The taste was sweet but not too overpowering. Unlike other vendors that drench their snow cones in artificial syrups, they made the snow compliment each of the toppings by just having the slightest taste of taro.

The mango smoothie ($3.75) and taro snow ($5.50)

The next item was the `Fruity Pebble Puff` ($6.50) which caught my attention right away. It consisted of a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with fruity pebbles and a generous amount of chocolate sauce all wrapped in a fluffy warm egglet waffle.

Since the waffle was warm it made the ice cream melt the slightest bit and was complemented by the crunchy fruity pebbles. I experienced many textures ranging from the soggy puff at the bottom but a soft airy waffle at the top. This was a nice alternative to the traditional waffle cone.

The last item I had was the `Toast Box Wonderland` ($7.25), which contained a thick buttered toast with nutella spread all over the top, vanilla ice cream, strawberries, bananas and strawberry drizzle to top it all off. This was my favorite item I had ordered, unlike the puff the toast did not get as soggy. It was crispy with the toast, sweet and rich from the nutella, and fruity with the bananas and strawberries.

The Toast Box `Wonderland` ($7.25)

Since the vanilla was placed in the middle it was the main item I was able to taste with the strawberries and bananas acting as small notes of a fresh fruity flavor.         

The small shop may not be as lively as their sign had suggested, but my time at `Creamberry` was a pleasant one and I will be returning in order to try more of their many other items on the menu. If you are near the area I would suggest you stop by the shop and try one of their many items.     

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