‘DMV Genie’ may not be better than a handbook Test simulator not equivalent to written notes

There are many DMV practice permit tests available online that claim to teach the test taker just as well as the handbook; however, that is not always the case. Many DMV practice tests that I have found online are full of pointless ads and unnecessary information. The DMV Genie wasn’t over the top with ads, but it did have bits of unnecessary information.

This app offers a variety of categories to choose from such as the easy test, hard test, hardest test and exam mode. I found that the different tests did not actually vary in difficulty–the questions in the easy portion and difficult portion were similar to those in the difficult portion.

However, the simulator did not go into depth about the demerit points one receives when being a reckless driver, which shows up on the actual DMV permit test. This app partially makes up for its lack of questions about courtesy among drivers by thoroughly covering aspects such as the signs seen on the road.

There was also a point where I missed a question and it saved it to a “challenge bank” to review later. That allowed me to study in case I did not understand the question and the reasons why my answer was incorrect.

I could see this app being used by many, simply for the easy to follow instructions. Unlike other applications, DMV Genie did not bombard me with ads while I was going through the different questions, which I appreciated.

I enjoyed using this user friendly app that had few downsides. Since the application does not contain all of the rules of the road, I would recommend that each person read the actual handbook before taking any DMV test, as well as those who need a refresher for their driving test. It may not be “better than the handbook,” but it is better than many of the other test simulators online.

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