Do Anything with Any.Do Organize your daily tasks

Any.Do is great for multitasking and staying on schedule, but its lack of visual design leaves it in the dust compared to other apps that are new to the market.
Rating: B-
Photo courtesy of Any.Do

As the reality of graduation and senioritis kicks in, I’ve been slacking on my responsibilities and falling behind on my assignments. If it weren’t for the calendar and reminder apps on my phone, I would probably never accomplish anything I’m supposed to do. However, while scrolling through the app store I came across an app called that simplifies task management. Within the first few days of using the app, I found it becoming a part of my daily routine.

Any.Do makes it easy for any user to create and edit calendar events all in one stream, saving time and effort from using several different applications. This app syncs all of your information, such as tasks, notes and calendar events. It can do this between multiple devices, including tablets, laptops, computers and Amazon’s AlexaInstead of switching back and forth on your Calendar, Reminders and Notes app, simply sync them with to keep all of your events and memos in one place.

Breaking down the user’s tasks into four lists, Any.Do lets the user expand and sort out their tasks to meet specific criteria such as Work, Personal, Groceries, All Tasks, or any new lists the user creates. This was my favorite feature, considering that I have so much to do and it all ends up in the same unfinished pile. Just about every feature is customizable and is made to suit the user’s needs.

Despite the app’s features that stand out and potential to improve, it does fall short in some areas. The visuals, although minimalistic and modern, are flat-out boring. After several uses, I realized that this app resembles other productivity apps that I’ve put in my deleted pile.

Unlike other productivity apps such as Todolist and Wunderlist, which offer the same basic advantages, doesn’t offer anything to track my progress or reward me for completing tasks. As an application, it couldn’t provide me with the most significant thing that drives hard work motivation.

I can’t see myself continuing to use this app, but it would still be a great resource for students and employees, or for anybody who feels like they need to get their life together. is a reminder that you can do anything if you have the right tools to motivate you and get the job done. is available for free on the App Store and Google Play It is also free to download in Google Chrome and as a website for all browser desktops.

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