Edit with a single click using ‘Dazz Cam’ A photography app that includes every camera or video style imagined

Dazz Cam is a photo and video editing camera that offers an abundance of filters, cameras and lenses for the user to let their creativity flow. With a single click, this app brings your creations to life.
Rating: A+
Photo Courtesy of App Store
Always trying to find a new way to edit my pictures to make them more interesting, I looked through the App Stores ‘Photo & Video’ category to find exactly what I needed. I knew I wanted to find a certain style of editing, which was a moving video of a still picture, I particularly liked this because a famous rapper, A$AP Rocky, is known for posting these kinds of photos on his Instagram.

“Dazz Cam” took a while to find, but once I downloaded the app and started testing it out, it offered everything I needed and even more that I didn’t know I needed. With Dazz Cam, there is no need for post-editing, the app offers realistic film photography and video that can be shown with a single click.

When I first opened the app, there wasn’t any guidance on how to work it, so I played around with it and clicked on random buttons to figure out how to get to the 3D photo I was searching for. I found out that only several of the many options of cameras to choose from are free, but to unlock all of the cameras and effects it costs $9.99.

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One benefit of the filters is that they also provide different types of lenses to enhance the pictures. Even better, the free ones included are Prism and Fisheye W. To further customize your pictures, you can edit the font of the timestamp, or turn it off, and the percentage of light leaks in the photo.

Some of the camera modes the app provides for free are Inst C, CT2F, D Half, D Classic, D3D and they only offer the V Classic filter for videos. My personal favorite is the D3D camera, this one resembles a 3D picture and I love how it puts a vintage filter over it to give the photo a more interesting look.

With everything in one app to edit your pictures and videos however you want, Dazz Cam has much to offer. The only real downside is that you do have to pay extra if you want to have more features to work with, but with the ones they do offer for free, you can still make any creation you desire.

Do you like edited pictures or videos?