Letting my friend control the music, a strong rap-inspired beat starts to play and a soft voice follows the rhythm. Continuing to listen, I realize that it’s a young girl rapping. Asking my friend who it was, he shows me the album cover and I see a girl around my age. We move on to the next song, eventually realizing how smooth the pop and R&B fusion is.

Aspiring to be a professional skater, Destiny Rogers grew up in Northern California, but as her parents were already musically inclined, she decided to keep the option as a singer open. She began by teaching herself guitar, signed her first record deal and released her new EP, “Tomboy.”

The first song on the EP, “Tomboy” introduces Rogers sound and personality. Contradicting the title itself, the track is an anthem advocating girl empowerment. Even the music video for the song captures Rogers in her element as she skates through her hometown with friends by her side.

Exuding powerful beats, the album balances inspirational and empowering songs. For example, on “Apologies,” Rogers wails, “These moments you can’t get it back / No, no, no, no apologies.” This theme of forgiveness, or lack thereof, shows Rogers soft, yet tough and self-determined side.

Although this is Rogers’ first production, I hope her music continues to evolve. Not only that, but with her strong and loud songs, her voice is still able to flow through on slower and softer ones. In the end, her range is truly unique and her style has grown on me.

“Tomboy” may only be a five-track project yet, each one holds a unique story. From bold to vulnerable, Rogers showcases her passion for independence, relationships and her music.

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