As a student in English Honors and Spanish II, keeping up with new grammar and vocabulary can easily become difficult and frustrating. Although many know about Duolingo, repetitive and ultimately boring learning tactics seem to reoccur after a short matter of time. However, once I came across ‘Memrise’, an app made to help with learning languages, I became interested and determined to practice.

When I first opened the app, I was greeted by an easy to use layout as well as a variety of languages I could choose from. As I continued to use the app, a theme of outer space was prominent, which makes sense because Memrise is adamant about exploring unknown languages with it’s audience. I decided to choose Spanish from the list that led me right away to an introductory and user-friendly lesson.

First, the app shows a specfic word of focus, in both English and Spanish, then it is read aloud. The program will do this twice, with different words on each slide, until it brings you to the next term. Moving forward, a video of a native speaker will play, saying the word in their dialect, then you choose the right translation from various answer choices. With this learning method, it was easy for me to understand and remember the words because instead of going over it once, it repeats the same terms throughout the session.

Once you have finished, you will earn your points and even badges that go along with the lesson you have completed. After completing my first round, I received around 360 points which ultimately made me feel accomplished. This effectively made me feel motivated about my newly found skills–articulating a new language in a short period of time. It also made me prepared for the multitude of lessons in that one section of the language.

Along with consistent learning and visuals, you can review any time you want. Personally, I like doing an overall review because it goes in-depth without taking as long as a regular lesson. There is also a speed review, which shortens the lesson, or listening skills, that will help with the pronunciation of words.

With the ability to practice and gain knowledge of any language you want, ‘Memrise’ does ask if you would like to pay an annual fee of $30 a year. This will unlock a multitude of games to fine-tune listening skills with a mode made by the native speakers of the language the user chose. However, I think this purchase is unnecessary as the app already creates an easy and efficient learning process.

It’s always refreshing to find a new and proficient way to learn, which is why I can easily say this app definitely catered to my liking. With a great balance of clear layouts and graphics, I feel as if ‘Memrise’ cleverly implemented the use of new languages in a profound way. The overall futuristic theme kept me interested throughout the use of the app and even made the learning process lighthearted and fun.

And while I have only reached the second section of the Spanish I level, I recommend others who have difficulty understanding different languages to try it. Despite having limited resources and without paying for premium use, ‘Memrise’ works for anyone like me with a busy schedule, but are willing to fit learning into their time.

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