Find your ‘Blood Type’ A collection of R&B and Indie melodies

Cautious Clay uses his musical talents to create tranquil beats about love, life and his past mistakes. With the saxophone and bass, he captures his emotions to depict his stories.
Rating: A-
Photo Courtesy: Variance Magazine

As  polished sounds of flutes and saxophones compliment each other effortlessly, Cautious Clay’s voice dances along in his first EP ‘Blood Type’: a mix of R&B-soul with alternative indie.

Joseph Karpeh, also known as Cautious Clay, is a rising artist from Brooklyn who can play multiple instruments including the flute, saxophone, keyboard, bass, guitar and the drums. Although Cautious Clay is a rookie to the music industry, his songs are far from a beginner.

Without missing a beat, Cautious Clay channels his past experiences of love and mistakes within each song. Even though some lyrics describe troubled memories, it is not your average sad song. By stringing together sensational sounds of flutes and saxophones behind every track, he creates a new genre of melancholic melodies that just might be my type.

Cautious Clay’s lyrics and style is closely related to some of my favorite artist like SZA, Frank Ocean and Khalid. While listening to his first released single ‘Cold War’, I could not stop myself from moving with the serene calmness of his voice. His persona and vibe take me back to summer and the countless night drives I took with close friends.

Although Cautious Clay creates an incredible road trip tracklist with his EP, I feel like each song should have been longer. Since there are only six tracks, I feel like each one should have had longer durations. Despite this, his EP sets new standards on how experiences should be delivered through music. My emotions were manipulated through each track to feel exactly as he felt, which is challenging to accomplish.

In a sea of saxophones and guitars, I am drowning in Cautious Clay’s beautiful melodies. Even though I crave more, his tranquil vibe will be staying in my playlist for quite some time. I look forward to his upcoming creations to find my new “blood” type while creating my next summer playlist.

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