Get lost in the soulful sounds of Miraa May Hear the emotional and powerful voice of this upcoming artist

After constantly releasing singles month after month, Miraa May finally released her EP ‘N15’ in 2016. Each song speaks about female empowerment and complex relationship issues.
Rating: B
Photo Credit: Out Now Magazine

Miraa May is no stranger to the music industry. She has been creating music since 2016, starting with her single ‘N15’. May has gained quite a following from social media since then and has been keeping her supporters on their toes releasing singles every month about independence and complicated romances.

Beginning with gentle tones, the first song of the EP, “Benji”, has meaningful lyrics about the reality of relationships. Telling the highs and lows of being in a relationship mentioning, “Always taking care of me / Gets me everything I need and never does me dirty / That’s my baby, Benji.” Even though this song is reminiscent of a slow jazz song, her lyrics, although short and simple, encourage the listener to interpret her lyrics in their own way.

Out of the six songs on this EP, there is one track that should catch the listener’s attention the most, which is “Anger”. This song takes a different approach with its slowed down sci-fi, techno-beat melody, rather than May’s usual jazz beat, throwing off the listener in a good way. Despite the harmony of the song, the song itself is anything but upbeat. The lyrics mainly focus on the end of a toxic relationship and the emotions that could go through one’s mind, saying, “I can’t control my anger / I get [mad] at things you do / Don’t mean that I don’t love you / Don’t mean that I won’t kill for you.” This song perfectly aligns her soft, yet intense vocals to the melody.

“N15” is also included on this EP. This song is the definition of independence and empowerment. Starting off strong with drums and then quickly transitioning into her jazz sound, Mays’ lyrics about independence demonstrates that she isn’t shy about discussing her past. She emits a tone of confidence for the listener and to give the listener the feeling of not being held back, singing, “You had me but now I am gone / You can never take my throne / I am the queen, don’t you know?/ That’s just the way it goes”.

Miraa Mays’ take on the subject of relationships and its imperfections is entirely new. Combining her slow and soulful voice and her melodies together, she is able to discuss the not so glamorous parts of being in a relationship. Fans of Amy Winehouse and her music should definitely take time to listen to Miraa Mays ‘N15.’