Go to ‘Shleep’ Staying healthy in and out of your dream state

Falling into bed at night has never meant a good nights rest would follow, especially with school work and family life. However, once I came across “Shleep,” an app made to improve sleeping patterns, I began waking up feeling replenished and even euphoric.

When I opened the application, I was greeted by a peaceful sheep icon that led me through a quick assessment to determine how sleep affects my life. After answering questions on my personality and sleeping habits, I was given a personal 10-day “Shleep Plan” to increase my relaxation. Each day, a five minute audio coaching session from the sheep icon guides me through lessons of calming down, eliminating stress or even meditation.

On the first day, I learned a breathing exercise to calm myself down before sleeping. As I began to control my breathing, serene calmness washed over me, which was especially refreshing since my anxiety increases in the evening. Breathing steadily before bed is surprisingly efficient for a good night’s sleep, in fact this night was one of the best slumbers I have ever had.

Along with the workshops, “Shleep” allows users to keep track of how each video made them feel. When users jot down notes and reactions, the app alters the programs to fit their needs. Notes are not limited to any extent, so users can be as honest as they wish.

The personal assessments and coaching videos each day is one of my favorite parts of the program. Contrary to my expectations, “Shleep” provides a personalized experience for users instead of using broad tips and exercises so that it works for everyone. I appreciate the fact that the app does not ask for money but simply assists in bettering lives during and after sleep.

Although I have not completed the program yet, I recommend others who have difficulty sleeping or handling stress to try it. Despite what I expected, “Shleep” works on a personal level to help people sleep better without asking for anything back. With “Shleep,” I will no longer be left counting sheep, but instead, simply falling asleep.

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