Looking through the ‘Similar Artists’ section of one of my favorite musicians, a simplistic yet bright and hand-drawn album cover stood out to me. I clicked on the album, curious to hear the songs featured. Thinking that the album would be based on pop because of the cover, I was surprised that the influences of 2000s indie were most prominent.

From creating his own music to designing his cover art, Yuno is a new and upcoming artist from Jacksonville, Florida. Like most creators, he first got his start writing, recording and engineering all of his music from his bedroom. From there, he released his latest EP, ‘Moodie.’

The overall sound of the album is quite chaotic but maintains a flow throughout the EP. For example, ‘No Going Back,’ features crashing drums, erratic guitar and a melody that deserves to be played aloud. Yet, on the other hand, songs like ‘So Slow,’ has grooves and rhythms that provide a more intimate feeling.

“Amber,” the opening track, interprets the chaos of feelings after a breakup while also including hope, such as future clarity or relief. His words are almost like they are a message to his younger self with lyrics such as, “You must look inna di mirror, bust through the exterior, and be the superior.” Personally, I find it to be a pretty cliche line, but in the end, it does help someone feel like they can build stronger confidence for themselves.

Although this is an EP and it only features six songs, I was left wanting more which was ultimately disappointing for me as I finished up listening to the album. As with most songs, being played on repeat can become uninteresting; therefore, all I can do is hope for the best when Yuno introduces an entire album.

For me, I think this album is more than just a breakup record, it’s about facing the unknown and sometimes feeling lost. In a sense, it is a way for Yuno to find his creative identity in a journey of self-discovery. With emotionally complex lyricism and pop, ‘Moodie’ is the album for all occasions.

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