CD Review – JoJo’s “Jumping Trains”

Though she’s been absent from the musical world due to issues with her record label, JoJo returns in 2012 retaining her pop musical styles with her album “Jumping Trains.” JoJo has moved away from being the innocent romantic to educated and realistic concerning topics about love, evident in her powerful song “Disaster.” Rather than being ‘that girl’ discussing her problems about young love, she has blossomed into an assertive and confident woman, by tackling issues with solutions. Specifically what is incredible about this album is the fact that she is honest, making her songs reliable and relatable to many young ladies experiencing similar issues. For example, “Keep Forgetting to Forget About You” focuses on the aftermath of a tough break-up, which is enhanced by intense beats and emotional lyrics to revive the strong feelings a listener may have had in their own similar experiences. Over the years, JoJo has improved her vocals, reaching higher notes than ever before and connecting deeper meanings to each one of her songs. Before, JoJo was just an artist, but with this album, she’s a respectable artist and a role model commonly to young females around the world.