Phillip Phillips earns post-Idol crown with debut

Courtesy of Interscope Records
Similar Artists: <a href="">Jason Mraz</a>, <a href="">John Mayer</a>, and <a href="">Jack Johnson</a> <br />Courtesy of Interscope Records
Similar Artists: Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and Jack Johnson
Courtesy of Interscope Records

Phillip Phillips was the Season 11 winner of American Idol. His long-awaited debut album exceeded my expectations in comparison to past Idol winners’ albums. For instance, the track “Man on the Moon” shares Phillips’ opinions about the growing obstacles faced during our lives and how we can still make it to the top. Along with the hit single, “Home,” the song “Where We Came From” expresses his unique style, a folksy-rock mix between The Dave Matthews Band and Mumford and Sons. Other songs such as “Get Up, Get Down” display the jazzier side of Phillip Phillips, with the focus on the prominent bass instruments during the chorus. Overall, the Idol proved himself worthy of his title.
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