‘Hooks’ transforms mobile device into information hub

Instead of having to scour the Internet for your daily scoop, “Hooks” brings the information to you. Grade: B- Photo courtesy of "Hooks"

Whether it is current events, sports or pop culture, keeping up with new information each day can be a hassle when you have to check numerous apps and websites. App developer Oleg Kozynenko presents “Hooks”: an app that takes advantage of push notifications to provide you with the information you want, when you want.

The app introduces you to its interface by requiring you to select topics that pique your interest, such as TV & Movies, Events, Weather, News, Utilities, Finance, Social Media, Sports and Music & Games. The app prompts you to select your Hooks, which are refined subcategories that range from “The Walking Dead” to daily horoscope updates. Once you have built your personalized list of alerts, “Hooks” will notify you when new information arises. Tapping on any alert will redirect you to a web page for viewing.

Users are also able to adjust the settings for their alerts. They can enable sound for their notifications or set filters for certain topics, like minimum ratings for film releases or which National Football League (NFL) team you would like to receive game results from. Although it took some time to configure my alerts to achieve the level of specificity I desired, this feature allowed the true personalization absent from websites and other mobile apps.

Although you can manually search for topics, there could have been an easier method for isolating the alerts you want. I spent more time than I would have liked scrolling through the lists of notifications finding topics of use to me because I did not know off the top of my head which alerts I needed.

The interface is fairly lackluster, but its simplicity is fitting. For an app that mainly serves as the “middle man” between users and their desired information, it gets the job done.

“Hooks” is handy for those who like to keep themselves updated about new episodes of their favorite TV shows or new technologies in the science bubble—among many other fields of knowledge. The notifications may become bothersome when they bombard your phone, but the app makes information gathering nearly effortless.