Improve your well-being in ‘#SelfCare’ Feel happier without even leaving your bed

The #SelfCare app allows you to improve and take care of your inner well-being anytime of the day. It uses meditation methods that focus on your mind and thoughts as a distraction from the usual gamified apps.
Rating: A+
Photo Courtesy of Sweety High

After a long day’s work, everyone deserves time to take care of themselves and enjoy their solitary time. For many, it can be difficult to designate when that will happen since there is so much going on in our personal lives and the world. During one of these moments of rest, I came across #SelfCare––an app that lets you pretend you’re in bed all day and virtually decompress.

Rather than the usual gamified apps aimed to stress out the player, app developer, Tru Luv Media, aims to do the complete opposite. Instead of taking out one’s anger through intense and violent war play, the #SelfCare app allows you to wind down for however long you need through a series of activities dissolving any sense of negative thoughts.

When first opening the app, you see what you’d normally look like on a Saturday morning––sleeping or lounging in bed. To get started, all you need to do is explore. With multiple knick-knacks around the room, such as tarot cards, a journal or even a breathing flower that allows you to do deep-breath exercises, it’s simple to get the hang of.

One element I really enjoyed was having a personal journal within the app. If you don’t know what to write about, you could pull out ideas through sticky notes and it saves all your work as well. The breathing exercises were the most beneficial as it calms any sense of uneasiness or anxiety, which I tend to have often. For those that are into gaining insight about their personal past or present, the tarot cards are perfect; all you need to do is pull out a card that “speaks” to you. Having everything in one place, and an app that makes you feel like it’s personalized to you, is awesome.

Another aspect I appreciated and noticed while diving deeper into the app, is that there are not any ads or random pop-ups. The creators simply just wanted a space for those that have downtime to connect within oneself and gather their thoughts. Even through the little details––such as providing meditation-like sounds, having dirty laundry which you just tap to put away to feel more organized and positive sayings appearing every time you tap on an object made me feel a sense of calmness.

Without even leaving the comfort of your room, #SelfCare really does the trick to help the user feel relaxed. Even just dedicating a few minutes out of your day to really center yourself within the app can make the rest of your day even just a little bit better. Seeing nothing go wrong or glitch, this will now be my go-to app to fulfill all my self-care needs.

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