Jump into ‘Dadish’ Bizzare 2D platformer

Dadish is a newly released mobile platformer, with promising art design and concept. The game is centered around finding the main character's children and avoiding deadly traps.
Photo Courtesy of Thomas Young

High quality platformers games like “Temple Run” and “Fez,” which I used to really enjoy playing, are a dying breed on the app store. So when I saw “Dadish,” a bizarre looking platformer in my recommendations, my curiosity peaked, and I decided to give the game a download.

Dadish is centered around a dad radish (Dadish), who has lost all of his kids and must set out to find them. In order to accomplish this, the player has to avoid various traps and obstacles to reach the end of each level where one of his kids will be waiting. The player must go level to level rescuing the children with progressively more difficult obstacles.

Although ‘Dadish’ may sound like a silly game, its graphical and animation quality is good and possesses a pleasing aesthetic. The games animation and graphics work well together to give the game a professional cartoonish design.

The game did a surprisingly good job of keeping me engaged in its gameplay, despite its simplistic mechanics. This engagement is a result of the games’ level diversity, presenting a new challenge every level, and making old challenges more numerous or difficult. The game is also helped by its simplistic and easy to learn controls, requiring minimal effort to pick up on the player’s part. 

The game is currently free on the App Store and Google Play Store, however, if you don’t wish to have occasional ads, you can make a payment of $2.99 to get rid of ads permanently. It’s also important to mention that the game currently has no micro-transactions or premium currencies present.

Overall, ‘Dadish’ stays true to being a bizarre game with a wacky premise. I was pleasantly surprised to see the game being of such high quality, with clean graphics and invigorating gameplay. If you enjoy a good platformer, you can play ‘Dadish’ when you have a few extra minutes.

Would you play Dadish?