Learn a new instrument with ‘Piano Academy’ A pocket sized instructor

After multiple days of learning, I was finally ready to perform my “recital” in front of the virtual audience and “graduate” from the Piano Academy. I had spent countless hours learning different notes, beats and posture I needed to succeed in playing the piano. It was now time to prove the skills that I learned.

When I first downloaded the app, I had no experience playing the piano. I thought it would be difficult to learn from an app, considering that people have told me they take private lessons to perfect their skills. A lot of my peers know how to play the piano, which motivated me to learn the instrument in a quick and inexpensive way.

In Piano Academy, users are greeted by their “teacher” when they are given a new lesson. After watching a two to three-minute explanation video, I was given a hands-on experience to learn new concepts. Piano keys are displayed on the phone screen, as if you are sitting in front of a keyboard or piano. Within the first ten minutes of using the app, I learned basics such as the keyboard orientation, the musical alphabet and the notes ‘C’ and ‘F’.

With 12 lessons to learn, I tried to take it slow and made sure I knew the information before advancing to the next lesson. After learning all the notes, beats, hand positions and note durations, I was confident in my skills. However, once I had to transfer them to a real keyboard is when it got confusing. 

After finishing all your lessons, you can prove what you have learned in the virtual recital. After the recital, you receive a digital award of your achievement. I would say the app trains you in the proper way to be able to play the piano; however, some lessons can be difficult without a physical teacher there to help you.

Because the tutorial videos weren’t interactive, it was easy for them to go over my head. However, I do believe that these tutorials were informational considering I was able to play “Stay” by Rihanna just after the second lesson.

The app is very well organized with very clear instructions and lessons. It is free to download, although, as you progress, you will need your own piano keyboard to be able to link to your phone. Luckily, I have a keyboard, but this could be inconvenient for someone who doesn’t.  

Nonetheless, I feel that Piano Academy will help you get started with learning the instrument. But, this is not something to teach you everything you need to know. Whether you’re looking to pass time or learn a new hobby, Piano Academy will help users learn the basics of playing the instrument.

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