‘Leoné Café’ more than a coffeehouse This establishment offers quality meals in addition to piping hot coffee

Leoné Café serves a variety of food and drink items, ranging from large savory pastas to sweet cappuccinos. Photo Credit: Althea Gevero

400 S. Rampart Suite 10165
Las Vegas, NV 89145
Monday: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Tuesday to Thursday, Sunday: 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Friday to Saturday: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Laid out in the decorative and elegant Tivoli Village, the charmingly embellished Leoné Café is sprawled along a street corner, giving off open air for anyone who wishes to visit. The quaint yet comfortable aura this café possesses makes it a perfect match for its setting.

Walking up to the establishment, one will see that it occupies an outdoor area, allowing for the use of a spacious patio. On the day my guest and I arrived, there were a fair amount of people taking advantage of the free wi-fi and tapping away quietly on laptopsall while sipping on an assortment of drinks. Opening the door to the café, I was determined to see if their food and beverages lived up to their beautiful décor.

Once we entered, the polite hostess allowed us a few minutes to look through their food and drink options. Deciding what to order took a little bit of time when regarding the surprisingly diverse menu. The counter in front of us showcased carefully prepared meals, which were certainly not limited to fancy cups of joe. Reading the menu options of chocolatey mochas and sweet lemon pastries immediately grabbed the interest of my sweet tooth. After my guest and I placed our order, we were given a number for our table and the choice to sit wherever we’d like.

The inside of the café was dotted with dark brown paneling and accents, lightly colored stone tables and an abundance of large windows, allowing for a beautifully lit feeling. There were a number of seating options, which is a refreshing change from the cramped coffeehouses I am used to. Again, I noticed the fair amount of people enjoying lunch dates and focusing on their books, both of which led to a comfortable, yet busy, hum of noise. Expect a number of people coming in and out while engaging in their time, as Leoné Café is a popular place that is usually filled with patrons.

10 minutes after my guest and I ordered our food, a waiter brought the items to us. I ordered the alfredo pasta ($10.99), which was a hearty serving of creamy grilled chicken and warm penne pasta. To my surprise, the dish also came with two large slices of warm bread topped with cheese, hints of garlic and another savory green ingredient I couldn’t quite place. The large, fresh serving and its savory taste quickly filled me up, leaving me extremely satisfied; I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from an establishment I viewed mainly as a coffeehouse.

While my guest was also attracted to the café’s pastas, he chose to order the “promadoro”, which costs $10.99. All pastas come with the choice of penne or spaghetti; My guest chose spaghetti for his meal. As with the alfredo, the promadoro came with two cheesy, although slightly hard to chew, slices of bread. The promadoro itself was slathered in thin tomato sauce, however my guest and I agreed the taste could have been stronger. While I was expecting a dominant tomato flavor, the pasta was too watery for my liking. Nevertheless, the combination of flavorful bread, fresh pasta and grilled chicken was above and beyond what I expected when I first entered the café.

Leoné Café proved my expectations wrong in the best way possible; I left with a new entry on my eatery list. The roomy, delightful establishment is the perfect place to luxuriate in a delicious meal by yourself, write journal entries on a laptop or socialize with friends over scrumptious food.