Light up your night at ‘Firefly’ A tapas kitchen and bar perfect for any occasion

Being known in the local restaurant scene, Firefly incorporates their classic cuisine into their newly designed restaurant. Consistent diners has their newest location busier than ever, while still keeping the quality of their food.
Rating: B
Photo Courtesy of Yelp

7355 S Buffalo Dr

Las Vegas, NV, 89113

Mon-Thurs: 11:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Sat-Sun: 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.

With a diverse community in Las Vegas, it’s hard to find staple restaurants that do the justice of the different cultures. Yet having claimed their place since 2003, Firefly continues original to their Spanish inspired cuisine.

Firefly currently has two locations, one on Paradise Road and the newest on Buffalo Drive. My parents invited me to dinner at their newest Firefly location. The restaurant is becoming a neighborhood favorite as indicated by the packed parking lot. Walking in, all of the different conversations and the blissful smell of freshly made dishes welcomed me.

Firefly had a wide variety of tapas, which are similar to appetizers or small portions of food. From chilled or hot tapas to seafood or meat tapas, their menu includes at least 50 different items. My mom and dad decided on two chilled tapas, Ceviche of Shrimp ($11) and Tuna Tartare ($11). Each dish came out within 15 minutes and the waiter consistently checked up on us until we were ready to order our main entrees.

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After enjoying our appetizers, we explored the menu for a main course, trying to decide between their four options of paellas that are intended to serve two to four people. Eventually, we landed on the small Chicken and Mushroom Paella ($16). It tasted perfect, sticking to the original rice dish recipe.

The dessert menu was calling my name, so I ordered the Chocolate Tres Leches ($9). It had the perfect balance of milk and cake for all the flavors to melt in my mouth, which was definitely worth the hefty price.

Although the food was truly worth it, the slow service was inevitable as the restaurant was overflowing with customers. At one point, our server took too long and we couldn’t find him, so we had to ask another server to assist us.

Altogether, with Firefly being apart of the Las Vegas community for over ten years, they have stayed loyal to their original cuisine from the beginning. Not only that, but their newest Southwest location really shows off their potential growth.