‘Lure’: a brilliant letdown An application that tells stories through text messages

Lure yourself into a good story with with the new story telling application called 'Lure.' That is, if you're willing to pay money to continue reading the stories.
Rating: C-
Photo Courtesy: App Store

As a person who likes to learn new things, reading is a big part of my daily life. Therefore, more often than not, I find myself unsure of what else to read. While looking through apps, I came across  ‘Lure,’ an application that provides readers with fictional stories in the form of text messages. 

Once you open the app, your journey begins with a thrilling story called “Delayed Flight.” In short, the story focuses on hackers who took over a plan in search of a person who, ironically enough, was the person sending the texts. Throughout the story the abducted man talks to his girlfriend about all the commands he was given while in captivity.

One of the main things I love about this free app is the unique and different ways that it chooses to engage its readers. I love to read gossip through text messages therefore, these stories were quite appealing to me.

In order for the audience to read a story, they have to tap the screen to see the new text message. After a certain amount of taps, a screen pops up with a 15-minute timer. The timer showed that I had to wait out the 15 minutes in order to continue reading. I am a person who, when interested in a book or story, likes to read as much as possible when I get the chance. In other words, the timer ruined my overall impression of the app. 

If you are impatient like me, there is the option to purchase unlimited taps for $1.99 a week. If you’re the one who is willing to spend money on the app to read stories, go for it. However, I personally would not spend money, especially if I’m not sure whether or not I will even continue to use the app.

I would recommend this app to anybody who is willing to take a break in the middle of a story and who is willing to read stories in a different textual format. In the end, this app was moved to the deleted section of my phone. 

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