Master math with ‘GotIt!’ Homework help app provides solutions to problems in minutes

Although math comes naturally to a lucky few, it continues to boggle the minds of students from elementary school to college. Tutor Universe, Inc. developed a mobile app to alleviate some of the perplexity associated with math problems. Under the name “GotIt!,” this tutoring service allows students to submit math problems and receive answers and explanations in under 10 minutes.

For each math problem, the user must spend a certain amount of credits, which is the currency on “GotIt!” Unfortunately, this feature limits the amount of times a user can submit a problem for free. However, credits are available for purchase, with a starter sale of 80% off for the user’s first purchase. Eight credits go for $1.99, 48 credits for $5.99 and 80 credits for $7.99.

First, the user must upload a photo of the math problem then provide a short description of the problem. He or she must determine which math subject the problem falls under. Each question you submit costs a certain amount of credits: eight for algebra and 16 for geometry, trigonometry/precalculus, calculus, chemistry and physics.

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After submitting the problem, the user will then be directed to a live chat with an expert who will send the solution and explanation within a limited timeframe of 10 minutes. However, I did not like the short time period allotted because the tutor spent almost half of those 10 minutes typing up the answer to the question. Explanations often include a step-by-step approach that I found to be helpfully meticulous. The tutor is also willing to answer any additional questions. Once the session concludes, the user must then rate the tutor on a scale of one star to five stars.

This app is extremely useful because finding homework help after school is difficult. Because it also provides answers to your follow-up questions, “GotIt!” proves to be more helpful and worthwhile than taking to the search engines to look for answer keys. Unfortunately, the app is limited in the sense that you can only submit one question at a time, and only after paying a certain number of credits.

Quite possibly the salvation for those who struggle in their math classes, “GotIt!” has very few flaws in technicality. The app is free, but it comes with in-app purchases to take advantage of its features. However, it may be worth it for those who spend endless all-nighters attempting difficult math calculations.