A mood board that fits in a pocket Explore the possibilities of your design skills with Polyvore

Polyvore speeds up the mood boarding process for creators. It helps display ideas in a more condensed and organized way to clients. The app can help designers create product lines, design living spaces, or put together an outfit.
Rating: B
Photo Credit: Alyx Beeten

When I was thirteen writing awful fan-fiction about Pretty Little Liars, I saw a lot of other writers using an app called Polyvore to show their readers what their characters were wearing. I lost touch with the fashion-oriented app over the years, but I have started messing around with it again.

When you open the application, a feed of sets that Polyvore thinks will spark your interest is available for you to scroll through. A set is a layout of different items used to make a design in Polyvore. Creating a set works similarly to Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop; however, you cannot create separate layers which can be frustrating when trying to move objects.

You can also toggle back and forth between two other feeds: Following and Groups. The Following feed allows you to see what people you follow are posting. The Groups function is really cool because it allows users to collaborate and share ideas with one another by sharing exclusive sets with each other. Polyvore encourages a really collaborative and creative space, which I love.

The app allows for maximum focus on sets with minimal black and white design. Polyvore allows users to create sets for a variety of things like fashion, makeup, hair, nails and interior design which adds to the versatility of the app. It’s pretty easy to find any item you need for a set. I’ve had very minimal trouble trying to find an item and I don’t think I’ve ever been left disappointed because I was unable to find an item.

Various companies contact some Polyvore users for sponsorships depending on the popularity of a user’s profile. Polyvore provides a versatile platform for designers to create a source of income and on the flipside of that, it provides a platform for businesses to advertise their products. A user who has been sponsored gets paid in money, or they may get free items from the company.

Despite the app having great potential, I have not seen it grow as much as I feel it should. With the way that social media is changing and growing, Polyvore should be moving along with it. If Polyvore focused on advertising and sponsorships, the app could be more successful than it already is.

Stylists, designers and creators are all people who can benefit from this app. You may have a preference for hands-on mood boards but also have limited time to complete a job. Polyvore would be the perfect resource to get your ideas out. As designers, it’s our jobs to constantly be testing new mediums and I think that all creators should definitely explore Polyvore at least once.

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