‘Nevada Chicken Cafe’ savory and simple Meals range from $5.99 to $10.99

House Special Salad ($9.95)

7340 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy #5

Las Vegas, NV 89118

(702) 260-8286

Monday to Saturday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sunday: 11 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Fulfilling its title, Nevada Chicken Cafe offers an impressive variety of fresh chicken meals. Despite my initial thoughts that the use of chicken might be repetitive within the menu, I underestimated the restaurant’s creativity.

While searching for food around school in the welcoming atmosphere of Arroyo Crossing Square, I found myself drawn to their cute chicken mascot; not knowing what to expect, I entered the establishment.

Both the inside and outside of the restaurant were clean and incorporates interesting decor that relates to Nevada. Adorning the wall are state-related photos and paintings, and the back of the restaurant has a buffet like display of their foods.

My guest and I began the task of looking through the menu which contained chicken wraps, sandwiches, salads, ribs and an assortment of hot and cold sides. We eventually ordered and seated ourselves where I was able to observe the calm atmosphere and slow crowds. After about six minutes we received our food from a friendly waitress; the presentation was pleasing and the serving sizes were just the right amount for one person.

I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with a side of mac and cheese ($8.50.) The sandwich was stuffed with tender pork and coleslaw, and my mac and cheese was deliciously creamy. The contrasting textures of the meat and soft bun with the crunchiness of the slaw worked nicely and eating forkfuls of cheesy macaroni in between bites was the perfect complement.

My guest decided on the house special salad ($9.95) and ¼ rack of ribs ($5.99). The ribs were a little dry, and I was hoping they would be more intense and juicy in flavor; more marination and sauce would have solved this problem easily. On the other hand, the salad was impressive. In comparison to other restaurants which attempt to pass off a few pieces of lettuce as salad, the meal in front of us was fresh and packed with quality ingredients: chicken, lettuce, carrots, cheese, avocado, cucumbers and more.

As we finished our meals, I was impressed by the quality and price of the menu items. And while Nevada Chicken Cafe certainly won’t be on the list for vegetarians or vegans, the variety of enjoyable food makes this a solid establishment for poultry lovers.