Pets that last in ‘My Tamagotchi Forever’ Grow, collect or share

‘My Tamagotchi Forever’ allows a new generation of users to enjoy the once pixelated game with a few updates. The organized app structure eases pet responsibilities for the user.
Rating: C-
Photo Courtesy: Eriyale Williams

While growing up, my parents kept a firm rule against family pets, despite my persuasive efforts. To satisfy my desire to have a pet, I found contentment in watching Animal Planet and an insane amount of dog videos; however, I felt upset knowing that the animals weren’t mine.

Once I found “My Tamagotchi Forever,” an app that allows users to virtually care for pets, I decided to try it out. In “My Tamagotchi Forever” users raise pets while playing games like puzzle matching or hide and seek.

Similar to the original version, Tamagotchi characters need love and attention to grow. Characters can evolve from babies to adults as users feed, clean and play with them. To my dissapointment, this feature showcases the more  annoying characteristics of raising a pet due to the consistent calls from the pets. If the pet wasn’t virtual I wouldn’t mind caring for it, but I think I am bothered by the idea of putting time and effort into something that isn’t mine.

While characters evolve, user rankings increase by levels, each level unlocking a new item or food. Accomplishing a simple task like buying their preferred food, capturing activity photos or playing arcade games can increase levels. However, in the original pocket-sized game from 1997, users did not level up and just assisted in evolving their pets. This new development keeps users notifications ringing throughout the entire day, as if users don’t have a life to take care of already.

Although most developments between the original and new version are the same, the pixelated Tamagotchi’s could pass away, but they live forever in the virtual app. Instead of dying, Tamagotchi characters move to TamaTown and play outside on trampolines or swings with other collected characters.

Due to consistent notifications to play and eat, I found the game to be more of a chore than a leisure activity. While my pet will continue to live forever virtually, it might not live forever on my phone because I might need space on my phone some day. So, in advance, R.I.P. my Tamagotchi friend. You’re a fun app, but not one that I need.

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