Piece together a dream zoo with ‘Wildscapes’ Creating a home for dozens of animals while challenging your skills

‘Wildscapes’ allows users to create their ultimate zoo with puzzles to unlock more and more animals as well as decorations. With basic guidance from the app when playing, it’s easy for users to find their way around.
Rating: C+
Photo Courtesy of Google Play

While growing up, I was always amazed at how different animal species were found and transported into one attraction, alluring and entertaining to many people. Fulfilling that desired interest now, I was able to create my very own zoo, electronically. 

I’ve always loved fun animal games, as it brought out the little five-year-old in me. Once I came across “Wildscapes,” a simulation game that allows users to construct their own zoo, I knew I wanted to see if it was worth the 4.5-star rating. Unlike the typical design app, “Wildscapes” tests the users abilities with puzzles that level up the player to unlock more decor and animals.

When players first open the game, they are given a tour of an empty zoo. It’s their responsibility to always have coins to purchase more items for the zoo. To receive those coins, puzzles need to be done, similar to ‘Candy Crush.’ I found that there’s ‘lives’ as well,  which limits time to level up and stay present on the game. For those just starting out, I personally feel like that can add pressure and cause players not want to play as frequently. 

Not only do players have the opportunity to expand their zoo after reaching the desired amount of coins, but visitors may also request specific things to be built to satisfy themselves. Buildings like a coffee shop were recently constructed in my zoo for 125 coins. When visitors are happy, players receive ‘rewards’, which may be used when one has failed an attempt at a puzzle. However, in the event a player doesn’t have enough coins, the Zoo Store is where more rewards can be purchased with actual money–these prices can range from $0.99-$74.99.

Due to my impatience, I was ready to delete the app after five failed attempts at a puzzle. Being constantly asked to spend money for more rewards and not to mention, being under a time limit was rather annoying. I do appreciate, though, how every time I leveled up, I earned at least 100 coins and was given random rewards to help me out when solving puzzles. 

While finding out if you’re a puzzle pro is still fun, having to wait to play or avoid it by paying doesn’t bring me enjoyment. If you’re a busy person and like to play for less than 20 minutes at a time, this is the app for you. I’d rather spend my time indulging in other things over waiting.