Plan, complete tasks with Planny 2 Smart to-do list

Planny 2 is an easy app to use to plan your assignments. However, it’s similar to other popular reminder apps.
Rating: B-
Photo Courtesy: Kevin Reutter

As a junior in high school, I am constantly faced with the inconvenience of a busy schedule. Between school, sports and a social life, I often find myself becoming distracted from my tasks or forgetting about them. However, after downloading Planny 2, I am able to stay on schedule and motivated to do so.

Planny 2 isn’t just a to-do app, it helps you become more productive. It provides suggestions of tasks you can complete, and it reminds you if you forget to do your tasks.

After I downloaded the app, I found it to be overwhelming. There’s multiple tabs with their own icons that all mean different things. There is no tutorial given, but after exploring the app myself and looking over the different sections, it was very easy to understand.

After planning my day in the morning, I was awarded productivity points for adding and completing tasks. These points can be compared with my friends and to previous weeks, so I could see who has been the most productive throughout the week. This isn’t necessary however, it’s a good way for competitive people, like me, to stay motivated.

Aside from productivity points, Planny 2 has very similar features to any other reminders app. Just like the “Reminders” app provided by Apple, you can schedule reminders and make lists. Whenever I would open the app, an add for upgrading to Planny 2 Pro would take over my screen. In order to have iCloud sync, add photos to your notes, have location based reminders and have more than two lists, it would have costed me a one time fee of $8.99. Considering most of those options are available on the Apple Reminders app, I decided to pass on that offer.

Providing reminders and giving motivating productivity points, ‘Planny 2’ is an easy way to help you get your work done. So far, I’ve only used the app for just short of a week and I might have to just go back to the Apple Reminders app.

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