Dotting away stress with ‘Dots’ An application with little to no ads

`Dots` an app with almost no downsides. This application caters to a variety of different people and a perfect way to escape the pressures of life.
Rating: A-
Photo Courtesy of Dots

Only being the third week of school, I had already felt drowned out by homework and projects. Thus, I resorted to a game that could possibly relieve my stress–Dots. When I first opened the app, I noticed the unconventional approach to a tutorial. Along with an array of color coordinating dots waiting to be connected, the game also prefaces with inspirational quotes about connecting, which I found to be cute.

Unlike other applications, I don’t feel pressured to complete a multitude of levels. Offering four different modes: Timed, Moves, Endless and Challenges, users aim to beat their previous score or accomplish any of the 32 achievements. However, Endless mode costs $1.99 to unlock.

Personally, I find the Challenges mode the most fun. Users play against another user of the app. The only downside is having to wait for the opponent. If another person takes a long time to respond, it can take around 20 minutes to complete a session. To enhance gameplay, users can purchase power ups, which can either stop time, shrink dots or expand dots. The Dot Doubler power up allows users to earn dots twice as fast, but it costs $4.99.

My favorite feature of this app is how users can customize their gaming experience to their liking. Not only can one toggle the vibration or sound on and off, but there is also an option to change the app color scheme. There are six free color options; however, users can purchase the option to customize color palettes for $2.99 and purchase or earn a premium pre-made theme.

While this game is color based, they have a setting for colorblind users where dots include shapes within it to distinguish one color from another. Additionally, each specifically colored dot has their own individual tone, so every time it is tapped, the sound plays. If similar dots are connected in line, the tones will scale up like a piano.

Although there are numerous additional purchases for certain features, the app still allows users to experience a wide variety gameplay. Despite not having everything unlocked, I don’t feel restricted to the point where that game will get boring after a few days. It would be nice to have some features free, but I’m still able to have a good time without it.

The closest application that this resembles is candy crush, except better. There are no confusing levels and special missions to complete. I enjoy the fact that I did not have to worry about impossible missions to pass and instead, going at my own pace. For anybody in need of a simple game to pass time, ‘Dots’ is definitely the one for you.

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