Practice being minimalistic with ‘Empty’ Clear out your room by making objects disappear


The 2020 version of the game ‘Empty’ takes on a simple task that relaxes players.
Rating: A
Photo Credit: Dustyroom

Kristin Bernasor

While most people enjoy challenging games that require a lot of thought, others would much rather prefer a simple game that relaxes their mind. However, saying “simple” is a bit of an understatement. This is especially true with the recently new app, “Empty,” which teaches players how to appreciate the simple things in life. 

The original version of this app was made back in 2016 under 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 37 contest. Shortly after it won first place, it was developed into an app for both iOS and Android, released just earlier this year. 

With a puzzle-type theme, the player is presented with a room filled with objects. The colors of each object match with a different wall. The player needs to find an angle where the objects will blend in with the wall and disappear. After all objects have disappeared, the player is greeted with a small text that’s either a question or a quote. They have to rotate the text so the letters can form and then they can move on to the next level.

The entire gameplay is accompanied by a soothing soundtrack, which is very admirable because it helps players concentrate on their game. While there are times where the game can become a tad bit difficult, it doesn’t prevent the player from becoming too frustrated. There is no competition between other players, and one doesn’t feel forced to get a high score or finish the level in a certain amount of time. 

The overall simplicity of “Empty” is one thing players would really like about the app. The instructions are not only overly complicated, but players can also easily access tutorials, should they have any difficulties. When it comes to the apps’ downsides, there really aren’t many to mention. If there was one that had to be nitpicked, it would be figuring which object to start with first and where to angle it so it blends in with the wall. 

“Empty” is a simple yet calming game that diverts players from their stress. The message that the developers were trying to send is very respectable and they definitely shared that message throughout the gameplay. No matter how old someone is, the low difficulty of Empty gives them the chance to play the app no matter what.