“Prezi Viewer” disappointingly limited The simple app has few uses

When I was first introduced to the presentation website Prezi in middle school, I was impressed; instead of a regular slideshow, the site allows you to zoom across a canvas and is attention catching. Creating presentations with Prezi is simple and looks professional, so the mention of an app for the site was exciting.

My first disappointment with the Prezi Viewer app was the realization that, true to its name, it only allows you to view Prezis—not create or edit them. Nonetheless, I opened up the app with an interest in how useful it would be. Upon opening it, it is clear that the app is meant for those who already have a Prezi account and who have already created presentations on the website.

First, the app prompts you to log in. Once you do, the main page allows you to see all the Prezis you have created. You can also see Prezis that are shared with you online, however they are all mixed together on the main page with no organization. In addition, these Prezis can be downloaded to view offline which allows you to access them whenever you want.

Opening the sidebar shows account information and the only other tab of the app: Explore. Intrigued, I clicked on the tab, only to be further disappointed by the fact that there were only a few, random public presentations I could look at. There was no search function to be found; while Prezi Viewer may dub this tab as “Explore,” I beg to differ.

The aesthetics of the app were just as seamless and appealing as the website, despite the lack of function. Clicking on the options for a Prezi shows four different actions: share, download, remote presentation and clicker. The last two options are the only reasons I kept the app as long as I did.

Remote presentation allows you to send a link to your audience, allowing them to follow along online in real time as you go through your presentation. The clicker function allows you to use your phone or mobile device as a clicker (remote) when presenting from a computer. I personally used this function when presenting in front of class, and it was handy to go from frame to frame in my presentation from my phone instead of hitting next on the computer.

Despite these two redeeming points and the understanding that the app is specifically meant for viewing, I would like to see more functionality from Prezi Viewer. It’s handy for viewing presentations and presenting, but offers no help in the creation of those presentations; it is for this reason that the app does not meet its full potential.