‘Quartz’: Redesigning the news outlet News app delivers updates on current events via text message

From black and white newspapers to digital formats on the Internet, news outlets have evolved in a number of ways. Plentiful in politics, entertainment and society, publishers have tried to make their content more accessible. Atlantic Media continues to transform the field with “Quartz,” a mobile app that delivers top news in the form of text messages.

Upon first opening the app, “Quartz” bears some similarity to iMessage. The artificial intelligence converses with you as if it were a real person. This is the app’s strategy for engaging readers: by integrating itself into the almost endless stream of communication users participate in each day.

The text message approach is extremely user-friendly. Each message is simple and easy to read, while providing the main points of each story. Because of this seamless interface, I found it easier to check in with the app each day, or even multiple times a day, knowing I would not be subject to lengthy articles.

After receiving a text message containing information on the news story, two blue buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen. There are two options the user can select, with one requesting the app to expand more on the story and the other requesting a different topic.

Some text messages also have links to official news stories, specifically those published on the “Quartz” website. “Quartz” also functions as an online news website that provides stories comparable to those on major platforms, such as CNN and Fox News.

Unfortunately, the app hosts advertisements that some may find distracting. However, since the ads were only in the form of pictures, and not large pop-ups that consume the entire screen, they did not take away from my reading experience. I was able to scroll past them with ease.

Free for both Apple and Android users, “Quartz” redesigns the flow of news into one that is more appealing, especially to those of younger generations. Users will appreciate the app’s doubtless simplicity and revolutionary concept.