Read unique, personal horoscopes with ‘Co – Star’ Accurate predictions curated by professional astrologers

’Co – Star’ is an astrology app that uses the entirety off a person’s astrological chart to give in-depth horoscope readings to their users. Their information is gathered by data from NASA that helps give accurate context about work, relationships and someone’s personality.
Rating: A+
Photo Courtesy of Co – Star

With a personal interest in astrology, I wanted to seek more in-depth readings about my horoscope sign, but not become confused when trying to understand what they could mean. So, I searched the app store for astrology apps; there was a whole variety—from basic, generalized readings to paid subscriptions and even a real-time session with an astrologer. However, after playing through all the different apps, I found that Co – Star had the most understandable and simplest way for any user to learn more about their horoscope.

Co – Star isn’t like any other astrology app, as they use data from NASA and the strategies of professional astrologers to generate insights about the user’s personality and even their future. The main purpose of their in-depth readings isn’t to hinder anyone’s thoughts on their self-views, but to encourage users to use that context to challenge their normal ways of living.

Right when I launched the app, I was asked to give my full name, birthday, birth time, birthplace and phone number. This allowed me to receive a full natal chart, which is basically how the cosmic planets were aligned at the time you were born. With this natal chart, Co – Star uses the information to create hyper-personalized horoscopes for every day.

Since the app uses real-time insights with NASA, meaning they are constantly tracking the stars as they move, which is why they ask for the day, time and place they were born to create an astronomical snapshot of the sky at the exact moment you were born. This helps with a deeper horoscope that focuses on the other parts of someone’s chart, like how they love, think and react. The horoscopes are filtered to express what can be hard to understand like emotions, strengths and weaknesses—past or future. Not only that, but the app allows the user to add friends to see the compatibility of two signs, which is helpful to know what my friends could possibly be feeling like that day.

After using the app for a while, the readings do seem to become a bit repetitive. For example, my sun sign is in Scorpio, meaning this is the main sign that determines my ego or how I want others to view me. With this, I’ve noticed it is almost always the same explanation of what I am going to be feeling like every day, but this can make sense since parts of it are based upon someone’s personality which is a pretty cemented aspect of an individual’s character.

Astrology has been helping people reflect and connect for a long time, and Co – Star makes this concept a lot easier for everyone to understand. It is the perfect app that curates the connections humans desire to know about themselves as well as others.