Savor the flavor at ‘La Luna’ Variety of Asian inspired drinks and desserts

7960 S Rainbow Blvd Suite 8000F
Las Vegas, NV 89139
Mon-Sun: 11 a.m.-12 a.m.
Credit cards accepted

Lately, many of my friends have been walking over to La Luna after school and every time they decide to go, it seems that more people go along with them. Constantly hearing them rave on about how good their drinks are, I decided that I had to check out what all the buzz was about.

La Luna is a short walk from campus, being about 10 to 15 minutes away, located next to Smiths. Workers at La Luna have noticed an increasing number of students coming to their bar after school.

An independent boba bar with only one location currently, La Luna focuses on proving customers with Asian inspired drinks and desserts for a fair price. Menu items include tea, slushes, pastries and other desserts ranging from $3 to $12.

Walking into La Luna, my nose was pleasantly greeted with the smell of fresh, warm pastries and tea. The combination of dehydration from walking in the sun and the desserts on display made me quickly want to order something from their menu. After ordering a Hokkaido milk tea with egg pudding ($4), a Thai milk tea with boba ($4) and a mango slush ($3.95), all of us I sat down for a short 10-minute wait.

Both the ordering process and the delivery of our food by the staff was a good experience with the workers being very friendly. The atmosphere in La Luna is relaxing with calm music and a homey furnishing.

While I had the orange slush for myself, my friends ordered the Hokkaido milk tea and Thai milk tea. I had a portion from each of the drinks, beginning with the Hokkaido milk tea, which was not very strong as far as tea goes–having a taste that was more akin to flavored water. However, this bodes well for the drink, as the taste of the tea itself was good with the egg pudding having a distinct, sweet flavor that complemented the drink well.

Next, the Thai milk tea with boba immediately doused my tongue with a pungent but pleasant flavor. The boba component to the drink was something I hadn’t tried before, but it ended up becoming one of my favorite additions to tea. Overall, this drink ended up being my favorite of the three.

Finally, I got the mango slush in case I did not like the tea that La Luna served and to try out a larger variety of the drinks on their menu. The drink tasted like a generic slush that one could get from a gas station or off the shelf of a convenience store. However, I find those mediocre flavors to be good, so overall while the drink’s taste was decent, nothing about it really stuck out to me or enticed me to get another.

Overall, I am glad I tried La Luna and will definitely be going back in the future. The bar’s proximity to campus, good flavors, and the reasonable prices for drinks combine with an inviting atmosphere and friendly staff for an all in all enjoyable experience.