See what’s behind the door at Gabï Café Good food with smooth jazz is the only way to enjoy a coffee

5808 Spring Mountain
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Sun-Fri: 9am-11pm

Aesthetic coffee shops are in high demand for the upcoming generation. They crave a place that is unique and still affordable. With their high standards, it can be hard for small coffee shops to keep up with the trends. Hidden behind a tall wooden door and no signage, mystery invites potential customers inside. The Gabï Café is a new Korean-based café that fits these standards.

Known for its vintage-earthy decor and delectable desserts, coffee and tea, the owner based the cafe on Korean tradition and culture. 

“I think people like things that are out of the ordinary,” manager Joshua Lee said. “We have no sign [at the front] because we want to intrigue the public about what is inside. When they open the door, we want it to feel like it’s a whole new city.”

The café has signs around the shop that explain the background of certain items. You can find a historic piece called an Ilwolobong-Do-inspired Korean seating arrangement at the back of the shop. Following Korean tradition, customers are required to remove their footwear before sitting on it.

“It was really nice to be able to sit and drink your coffee while your kids get to read and play on the slide that they had in the back,” customer Helen Rivas said, “It made it way less stressful and we were all able to sit and visit.” 

Another unique part of the café is the greenhouse built at the center of the room. It’s decorated with plants and lights, giving it a rustic feel. Here, workers cook and make drinks. Seeing the employees do their work provides a form of entertainment while customers wait for their food.

With so much leftover space in the café, tables are lined against the walls to make room for the greenhouse. The seating is meant for couples and not big families since most of the tables are meant for two. 

In front of the greenhouse is a display case that has desserts, sandwiches and salads inside. Items like the rose and rainbow cakes tie in the theme of the café because of the way they’re presented. Along with the foods’ aesthetic, the owners made it their goal to have a perfect balance of sweet and tart.

“Some of our [food are traditional in Korea] and others are things that we came up with,” Lee said. “We also want to incorporate art into our dishes. People like things that look aesthetically pleasing, so we really try to make things that are beautiful and unique.”

Random, aged-looking books are placed in storage compartments and under tables. All of the seats look different and a wooden chandelier hangs above a green hanging chair. These decorations and pieces of furniture radiate an aura that made customers feel like they’re in the comfort of their grandma’s home–in a good way.

The Gabï Café is an ideal place for locals who are interested in experiencing a place that is rustic, vintage and foreign with a friend. Take pictures to amp up your Instagram aesthetic, chill on the seating arrangement in the back and order a red velvet cinnamon roll.

“We try our best to make sure that everyone who enters our restaurant is happy and they feel welcomed in,” manager Joshua Lee said “The cafe is small, but it definitely makes you feel at home.” 

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