The middle of the school year is approaching and I have realized one thing–I have been unorganized with my schoolwork. When I procrastinate, I go on Instagram and last Thursday, a particular ad caught my attention–Memorado Brain Training Games.

The way Memorado works is described on their website in three steps. First, training goals: you tell them where you would like to improve in certain areas, such as making fewer errors under pressure or sticking to your to-do list. Second, there is an assessment test that influences difficulty levels for the games and the choice of games that the system chooses for you when training. Third, there is a personalized training schedule where every day, five games are selected that match your goals and skills.

When you first start up the app, it suggests a series of topics asking if you would like to become better at a specific subject, such as identifying little details in everyday life which will be turned into a game. There are more than 25 games developed by educational experts and neuroscientists, such as getting better at mental math or understanding complex issues in detail.

After going through the topics, the program will ask you to complete the following games to further personalize your training program. The first game I played was “Speed Match” where you have to tap on the symbols to make all the colors match one another in a certain amount of time.

Once I got past the tutorial, it was up to me to reach my daily goal of 10 Brain Points a day. Not only did I get the satisfaction of reaching my goal for that day, but I unlocked even more scientific tests.

Memorado isn’t just an app that challenges your brain; it can also help with unwinding at the end of your day. Although the app is geared towards the training your brain, it also includes a “Relax” section. This features soothing games, useful tips and a variety of relaxing audio sessions.

Despite the fact that there are many other brain training games out there, Memorado has a simple and user-friendly layout. This is a good app for students with a tight schedule, but are looking for a way to become better at a subject they may need help with.

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