"StartClass" offers a multitude of features for students to use in their college and career search. Photo courtesy of StartClass

‘StartClass’ invaluable for choosing a college

As a senior in my last quarter of high school, I have many responsibilities to stress over and many plans to prepare for. One of my biggest concerns has been finding the right college for me, and beyond that, finding a career path in life.

Though it may be a little late for seniors planning to enroll in college for the upcoming Fall semester, “StartClass” has been a tool that I have consistently come back to ever since I downloaded it. This free app provides extensive reviews of not only colleges, but careers, scholarships, online courses and more.

There are over 10 filters which I happily used to search for the perfect college. Personally, my biggest concerns were location, tuition, institution focus and majors offered–all of which, and more, the app provided. After using these search filters, I was given a list of applicable schools and able to look at a thorough overview of each one.

Once I clicked on a school, I could see it’s ranking on the app, general facts such as the admissions rate, and nearly everything else I could be concerned about. One minor complaint I have is that “StartClass” provides a range for the average SAT score of students who are accepted to a certain school, but the app uses the old SAT scale of 2400 instead of the new 1600 scale.

Usually the website Niche is my go-to for college info, but the convenience of “StartClass” has grown on me–in addition to all the other features it provides. I was also able to find information on major career paths, such as the estimated job growth and recommended majors to pursue for that career. Unlike similar apps or products, this app not only provides the numbers, but it provides citations to its sources and context for what these statistics actually mean.

The last feature of the app that won me over was the ability to search for scholarships and online courses. Though these features are not as developed as the career and college search, they were still helpful and unexpected for me to find. There were a few issues with broken code in these sections, but the app is overall aesthetically pleasing and much easier to navigate than another scholarship app I reviewed last year.

Students of all grade levels can benefit from “StartClass.” Whether you’re wondering what career to pursue or what college to go to, this app helps you figure out what to do and how you can do it.



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